From marketing your rentals to collecting rent payments, TurboTenant simplifies property management.

Learn how to get the most out of our all-in-one landlord software - for free.

Samantha Yadav, Landlord Experience Specialist

Course Curriculum

You're busy juggling your full-time job, your family, and your real estate investments. We get it. That’s why TurboTenant Academy courses are designed so you can learn at your own pace. 

Simply log in when it works for you - your courses are ready when you are! When you’re finished, you can access this essential information at any time from your account.

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Who is this course for?

New (and new-to-TurboTenant) landlords who want to learn to use all the features our property management software offers, from getting leads to collecting rent - and everything in between.
Learn about all major the TurboTenant features: advertising, rental applications, tenant screening, lease agreements, rent payments, accounting, etc. 
Tune into 1.5+ hours of on-demand video lessons including transcripts when it works for you
Hear real-world examples and step-by-step walkthroughs so you can maximize your TurboTenant account
Enjoy a plethora of free business-building resources to help you boost your bottom line


Why take this onboarding course? 

Software is only as good as it is accessible - so we're teaching you everything you can do with TurboTenant.
You’ll benefit from learning the topics in this course if you want to:

Get more leads

TurboTenant landlords average
28 leads per listing.

Feel confident about who's really moving in

Learn about TurboTenant's online application and tenant screening process.

Manage renters more efficiently

TurboTenant offers all the tools landlords need to succeed through one easy-to-use platform.


What will you learn?

We get it - TurboTenant has so many features that you might worry you're missing out.

Ditch the FOMO by learning how to streamline your rental property management with our robust features, from automatic pre-screeners to integrated accounting.
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I know the ins and outs all its features after this course. I’m more confident in knowing exactly what’s available to me and how I can best manage my rental!

– Ben S., 2-property landlord

The things I learned in the course were so clever they felt illegal. [I] would recommend this course to any landlord!”

– Craig M. 3-property landlord


Meet Your TurboTenant Academy Instructor

Samantha Yadav


Samantha Yadav has experience in multifamily property management and is the renowned host of TurboTenant's Onboarding webinar. Her rich industry insights coupled with wit and candor make Samantha a compelling educator.

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