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Student Housing

Last fall, there were over 18 million students enrolled in degree-granting colleges and universities in America, and they all need a place to live. Led by expert landlords from CU and CSU, this course gives you the blueprint to create and grow your own lucrative student housing business.

Amber Kelley,
24-door landlord

Karlston Nasser,
82-door landlord

Learn how to start your student housing empire. 

Who is this course for?

New and experienced real estate investors who want a guide to how to purchase profitable rental property near colleges and universities. 
Covers major student housing topics, including single family vs. multifamily and ideal screening criteria
2+ hours of on-demand video lessons including transcripts 
Real-world case studies with landlords renting to students at CU and CSU
Downloadable resources that break down critical concepts


Why take this student housing course?

Expand your rental business by tapping into a near-limitless tenant pool of students.This course will teach you to:

Identify the right property close to a bustling campus

Consider multifamily, yards, number of rooms, and parking.

Renovate for ease of use, both for you and your tenants

Discover unique interior and exterior changes to keep headaches from forming down the line.

Expertly navigate the screening process

Low credit, no credit, guarantors, or international students? We walk you through it all.

Test Your Student Tenant Knowledge


What will you learn?

Being a great student housing provider takes more than just owning a rental near a university. Our course walks you through the nuances that may come up, like how to deal with a wrecked rental - or how to avoid ever having one.

Expand your rental business into student housing and tap into a tenant pool of over 18 million students.
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I am a NEW landlord on a steep learning curve. TurboTenant is a lifesaver!”

– TurboTenant user

The things I learned in the course were so clever they felt illegal. [I] would recommend this course to any landlord!”

– Craig M. 3-property landlord

Course Curriculum

We understand you’re likely juggling your full-time job, your family, and your real estate investments. That’s why TurboTenant Academy courses are designed so you can learn at your own pace. 

Simply log in when you have the time, and complete each section of the curriculum. When you’re finished, you can access this essential information at any time from your account.


Meet the TurboTenant Academy Instructors

Karlston Nasser

Boulder Landlord
Karlston has been an investment manager in the real estate sector for over 20 years. He runs an investment management business in Boulder focused on student housing, and currently rents out 11 properties and 82 bedrooms.
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Jonathan Forisha

Director of Education and Community at TurboTenant 
Jonathan’s team lives and breathes the rental industry, and they have created hundreds of free resources aimed at helping independent landlords make more money, run a better business, and provide an exceptional rental experience to every tenant they house.

Amber Kelley

Fort Collins Landlord
Amber manages a 24-unit multifamily apartment complexwith her husband. She’s a member of NoCoRHA, leads a landlord discussion group, and works with legislators at the local and state level. She’s been a landlord for over 25 yearsand has rented to students at both Colorado State University and the University of Northern Colorado.
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Krista Reuther

Senior Content Marketing Writer at TurboTenant
Krtista investigates industry trends and best practices to create actionable ebooks, webinars, and original research that hones your focus on what you do best: being a great landlord. 

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